Herd of Two
Natural Horsemanship and Boarding Facility

with Tia Jones
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About the Ranch

The Herd of Two Horsemanship Facility is located in East Parker, Colorado.  The ranch is 35 acres of rolling hills and prairie.  Generally, there is only a small herd living on the property, with some temporary horses for hoof rehab or training.  

The horses benefit greatly from the installed track system, an idea created by Jaime Jackson (Paddock Paradise),  that allows them to roam over 15-20 acres.  The horses are continually moving which simulates the way they'd live in the wild.  This constant movement keeps them fit and promotes strong, healthy hooves.  Usually, all the horses on the ranch are barefoot. 

The Facility

  • 35 acres
  • Horses on the track 24x7 with access to a barn and run-in sheds
  • Large and bright indoor arena for year-round use (72x140)
  • Huge outdoor arena with excellent footing (100x200)
  • 60 ft Round Pen
  • 15-acre Cross-Country Jumping Course over rolling hills
  • Playground and multiple obstacles for teaching horses and improving trail riding, confidence or thinking skills
  • Riding off the property on quiet, unpaved country roads


Horse Boarding

  • Regular fecal exams and deworming when indicated
  • Small herd living for positive socializing, with large acreage for movement
  • Free choice grass hay, grain/oat mixture and vitamin supplement provided daily
  • Barefoot trimming available on-site

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